Does Pehr Designs offer free returns & exchanges?

What is Pehr Designs's return policy? Can you return merchandise both in store and in person? Can you return clearance items to Pehr Designs? Do I need a receipt to make a return to Pehr Designs? Does Pehr Designs offer store credit if I do not have a receipt? Can you return used merchandise to Pehr Designs?
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Knoji Staff
Posted Apr 18, 2018

We're researching this question now. Our team is checking Pehr Designs's customer service pages and FAQs and other online sources for an answer. We may also contact Pehr Designs directly to get more information about this question.

In the meantime, please refer to Pehr Designs' website for additional information.

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As of Sunday, is also offering 10% off Pehr Designs items on their website.

Update: we've found 4 more kid's products stores that currently offer free returns & exchanges and 256 toys, kids & baby stores that are offering free returns & exchanges . You can also view all 6,409 stores that offer free returns & exchanges across all categories.

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Pehr Designs is a smaller kid's products company operating the e-commerce site Pehr Designs sells its products and services in the kid's products vertical, offering discounts and promo codes to its customers infrequently. Pehr Designs has good ratings among shoppers on Knoji, with 11 ratings and an average rating of 3.6 stars. Pehr Designs scores decently compared to other brands in the kid's products industry, providing 4 e-commerce features to better serve its customers.

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Shipping & Returns Policies
Free Returns & Exchanges:
It appears that Pehr Designs may not offer free returns & exchanges currently. Read full answer >>
Free Shipping:
Pehr Designs offers free shipping on all qualifying orders. Get free delivery on your order from Pehr Designs, program exclusions apply. See details on their free shipping policy page. Read full answer >>
International Shipping:
It appears that Pehr Designs may not offer international shipping currently. Read full answer >>
Payment Options
Debit & Prepaid Cards:
It appears that Pehr Designs may not accept debit & prepaid cards currently. Read full answer >>
It appears that Pehr Designs may not accept PayPal currently. Read full answer >>
Discount Policies
Promo Codes:
Pehr Designs supports a promo code box on their website. Check the Pehr Designs promo codes page for the latest coupon codes from Pehr Designs. Read full answer >>
Senior Discounts:
It appears that Pehr Designs may not offer senior discounts currently. Read full answer >>
Customer Service Features
Contact Information:
Pehr Designs offers contact information for qualifying orders and customers, according to their contact information policies. See policies and program details on their contact information availability page. Read full answer >>
Customer Reviews:
It appears that Pehr Designs may not offer customer reviews currently. Read full answer >>
Social Media Pages:
It appears that Pehr Designs may not offer social media pages currently. Read full answer >>
Website Features
Mobile Apps:
It appears that Pehr Designs may not offer mobile apps currently. Read full answer >>
Marketing Programs
Affiliate Programs:
It appears that Pehr Designs may not offer affiliate programs currently. Read full answer >>
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